We live in uncertain and anxious times. Bullets ravage the lives of children as they plan their futures, determined to make our world a better, safer sacred place.

In the wake of the loss dear friends, they find their voice, speak out boldly to those who inhabit places of power—from the White House to state offices and more.

They rise up amidst their tears and broken hearts to speak out and take action against corporate greed, patriarchal power, cultural pathology, runaway capitalism. They call out to the nation and the world for a resurgence of beauty

We discover ourselves today at a watershed moment. We are at a crossroads between suicide and resurgence.

Let us join our hearts and minds with these young courageous ones who dare to transform greed into generosity, the destructive power of corporate elites into a fresh energy.

May every child’s dream, every parent’s prayer, and every new adventure overflow with abundant beauty and surprise.