Imagine a world in which we cross over into a thundering new awareness, a time when we emerge into the flood of a vast new understanding.

Imagine yourself gathering among a cluster of colleagues who declare to our endangered planet, “We are your first responders. We are here as planetary people, to bring healing, to tell our story at this terminal phase of human/Earth history.”

Now is the time to look back and imagine how things came to be as they are, to see how they are now, and to move from diagnosis to becoming a healing people dedicated to respond to the cry of the Earth.

I invite you to imagine a wonderous future in which every sacred impulse will call us forth, to imagine a new world order where everything is holy, where every culture, language, color, rock, meadow, and tree can become a new paragraph in the great story.

When we ingest this joyful wisdom bubbling up from the recesses of our imagination, a fresh new ocean of grace will pour forth to accomplish whatever needs to be done. Beauty will call us forward as we are seized by the vision of a future not yet imagined.