A new perspective on the planet and our relationship with it

Sacred Butterflies video Sacred Butterflies video on YouTube

Sacred Butterflies Sacred Butterflies Sacred Butterflies: Poems, Prayers and Practices (Wyndham Hall 2013), calls us to create a dynamic integration of the interior life and everyday world, to be both poets and politicians. When the path forward seems clouded and unclear, we are counseled to gain guidance and direction by paying attention to other modes of understanding, including poems, prayers, and practices.

Invisible Excursions Invisible Excursions Invisible Excursions: A Compass for the Journey (Wyndham Hall 2012). Drawing on a lifetime of study, including more than 25 years mentoring students in creation spirituality, Conlon divides the evolution of culture and theology over the past decades into seven epochs. As each epoch unfolds, Conlon traces what he coins “invisible excursions” —experiences that touch all of us at a deep level, and that over time allow new understandings to germinate within us and lead us into uncharted territory.

Beauty, Wonder & Belonging Beauty, Wonder and Belonging Beauty, Wonder and Belonging: A Book of Hours for the Monastery of the Cosmos (Wyndham Hall 2009, 2nd edition 2013) focuses on the mystical moments revealed to us when two worlds meet at the dawn and dusk of each day. It is between these sacred moments that our lives of engagement are lived out. These pages provide a guide for those who strive to connect the emerging cosmological vision with their personal practice.