The New Book

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On-sale March 13, 2018

$14.95 paperback, 266 pages

For more than 50 years, Jim Conlon has been a pilgrim wandering between a world broken by poverty, neglect, and degradation, and a world lifted on the wings of redeeming love. In this new volume, he takes us inside the depths of his own heart, revealing precious gifts of creativity, hope, mercy, and endless gratitude for the spectacular adventure of being alive.


Jim Conlon’s closely interwoven poetry and prose awaken the reader to the beauty and wonders of Earth and cosmos, to the miracle of life and of being alive. His stories, memories, and reflections draw the reader toward the divine, through the mysteries and beauty of creation, to what Teilhard de Chardin so powerfully described as the “divine milieu,” a milieu that reveals itself to eyes of love and hearts of fire.
— Ursula King, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, England
Father Jim Conlon is a man dedicated to all people of the world, all creatures and all things. This book of short essays and poems is inspirational. I feel uplifted by it. It has straightened out my vision here and there, something I need every day. He writes as a Catholic priest with a wide-open mind. If you can look through that window with him, wherever you stand, you will see the world with fresh eyes.
— Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Ageless Soul
Ecopoetry provides the creative horizon for this collection of poems and inspiring words. The reader is invited to embrace a new synthesis transcending our inherited dualisms, so that we can rediscover the creative God at the heart of creation itself. A timely and inspiring resource from one who has devoted his entire life to the vision and inspiration of the new story.
— Diarmuid O’Murchu, author of Incarnation: A New Evolutionary Threshold
Jim Conlon has given us many books of prose. Now he turns to reflections through poetry. He shines forth with a vision of the great beauty and mystery in nature. At the same time, he shows his generous capacity to be attentive to human suffering. This mingling of beauty and compassion is arresting—something we need to cultivate in our times. This book provides such a path.
— Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology
Jim Conlon’s spirituality, as expressed in the poetry of Wondering Between Two Worlds, carries a reader into a glorious time, what Thomas Berry called the ecozoic era. Jim feels the divine presence in all the things of the universe and allows himself to be swept up in wonder. If you read these poems, you too will find yourself praying with Jim, both as you read and as you go forth through your days, surrounded by magnificence.
— Brian Swimme, co-author with Thomas Berry of The Universe Story
Seldom do you find so much beauty, hope, and wisdom all in one place! This is the wonderful fruit of Jim Conlon’s full life of growing and changing—and passing on that growing and changing to so many of the rest of us. We—and creation itself—are all the grateful beneficiaries.
— Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico