How Jim's vision of Geo-Justice Came to Be

A Catechism for the new story

Becoming planetary people: celebrations of earth, art, & spirit

(Trowbridge & Tintera, 2016), carries forward Thomas Berry’s project of infusing the scientific version of our origins with the poetry and majesty of ritualized religion. The book adds to the growing chorus attempting to incorporate the beating heart of the “new story” into the theological body of classical Christianity. In this sense, the title of the book, “becoming planetary people,” can be seen as an updating of the concept of “catholic”—a word that no longer automatically carries its own original meaning of “universal.”

The discovery that we have been constructed by an ongoing cosmic process is the greatest of the modern scientific endeavor. When Thomas Berry recognized that an epochal transition in human consciousness was underway, he became convinced that a reinterpretation of the world religions within this new evolutionary cosmology was the most significant spiritual challenge of our time. For three decades, Jim Conlon has been exploring this reinterpretation especially of Catholicism. Jim is a wonderful guide and his work is highly recommended.
— Brian Thomas Swimme, co-author with Thomas Berry of The Universe Story