Beyond Conscious Thought


From the center
of each of us
bubbles forth a spring.

Wordless wisdom
rises from a place,
I know not where.

Its trembling paragraphs,
sonnets in a hidden voice,
unexpected moments
speak only of love.



Take nothing. Just pray.

Lights turned off,
we are left in the dark.
Our planet is boiling.
Trees are on fire.


“You can’t take it with you,”
I hear people say.
Didn’t see a U-Haul
behind a funeral today.

Again I remember:
this life is too short.
Pack your bags for the journey.
Take nothing. Just pray.



A Wisdom Quest

Earth, air, fire and water
flow within
and all around me.
Ancient one,
great spirit of creation,
may your wisdom
and your breath
flow around and through me.

Spirit ancestors,
with your healing presence,
blow where you will,
renew our souls,
transform our sacred home,
that we may rest
in your embrace,
in the softness of your arms.

May on this day
all things be healed.
May all be one again.
Great spirit,
dissolve all twoness,
heal all distance
that dares to separate each one
from the warmth of sacred oneness.

May each grandfather stone
sing to us an opera,
heal our broken hearts,
send a nourishing gift
to all who pray and wait.
Become attentive to our hearts.
Make us one again
at this turning point today.

Now, in autumn 2019,
we awaken to a new moment,
a new time,
a time to end all twoness,
a time to be delivered,
a time of freedom,
when all God’s children
will be set free.



Prayer to the Invisible One

Who is God?
I mean the one
who is invisible,
yet fully alive.

A rainbow
of every living thing
hovers in the far-off sky.
Do you feel
the sacred one now,
wrapped in beauty,
snuggling with you
in a blanket of peace?

Are you not the One
I cannot see,
that river of grace
that trickles through my soul
and declares,
“I am earth,
I am alive,
I am beauty,
I am wonder,
I am the hunger in your heart,
the foundation of all that is.”



Eucharist for Life


May peace flow
like an ocean of grace,
quench our longing souls,
irrigate our parched and thirsty Earth.

May every puppy, cat and tree
be awash in beauty and delight.
May this sacred planet we call home
flourish and thrive.

May each hungry heart be filled.
May we no longer be bystanders.
May we arrest global warming,
bless and sustain the arctic ice.

Today we pray,
may the extinction spasms cease.
We join hands and hearts
together on this Eucharistic day.



Sacred Journey


Great spirit of the cosmos,
source of love and life,
we give great thanks for today
on this luscious autumn morning.

Our hearts are lifted,
our spirits soar.
We gather this morning
in this sacred Springbank place.

Inspired by the living wisdom
of Thomas Merton—
monk, priest, writer to the world—
may we each softly pray.

Each of us
is sacred seeker
on a wondrous journey
toward our true self.





We gathered among
the live oak trees,
under the warm autumn sun
and we told our stories

It was here
we became friends,
laughed and cried,
stirred unexpected memories.

We recalled when we were young,
as we gathered to say our prayers
of wonder and awe,
of pain and letting go.

Yes, we sang
songs of resurrection;
in great anticipation,
we prayed for our shattered earth.

May our souls as well
be today made whole.



May There Be No More Strangers


They took the stage
to talk about the future
here in this town
where black-skinned people live.

Some told stories
about violence, bias and hate.
Yet from within their hearts of sorrow
a transformational moment occurred.

Survivors embraced, sang and prayed,
“May there be no more shootings,
no more terror, no more death.”
Melodies flowed across the meadow

In songs of beauty and new life, we pray,
“May each caged and separated child
experience once again
freedom and her parents’ love.”

Today we pray,
“Divine of the universe and earth,
may there be no more strangers.
Make us whole, make us healthy,
make us one again.”



The Ice is Melting


The indigenous people of the far north gather and proclaim to the world, “The ice caps are melting.”

With these powerful words, they announce a prophetic inconvenient truth about the real and present danger that today affects our planet home.

Yes, we must act now to bring to a close this dangerous moment that threatens the end of ice in our time.





Encampments line the streets of Oakland,
bear witness to many displaced lives,
all while Arctic ice is melting,
punctuated by the furor
of Dorian’s wind and rain.
Meanwhile gunshots fly aimlessly,
toward unprotected souls,
leaving death and destruction in their wake.



“Sea Levels Are Rising, So Are We”

These are words spoken by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. She sailed across the ocean in an emission-free boat to bring attention to the global climate crisis. She responded to her childhood depression and hopelessness by telling us “another world is possible” and that we are unstoppable, because when we work together, anything can happen.



Before It's Too Late


The bomb has gone off.
Earth is on fire.
The rainforest can’t breathe.
Russia is radioactive.
Our leader has gone mad.
With the future uncertain,
Pray, “Pacem in terris”
before it’s too late.



“I Can’t Breathe”: The Amazon’s Cry


The words of a black man
lost his life
in a chokehold
by one called to serve and protect.

Not only Eric Garner,
the Amazon forest,
the lungs of the Earth
can’t breathe as well.

Join Sr. Dorothy Stang,
the martyr for trees,
that Mother Earth
may flourish and creation survive.



Crosses Galore


Across the arid land
stand crosses galore.
A memory, a burial site
for babies, elders and the poor,
who on their freedom journey
lost their way
and lost their lives.
Among crosses galore
we hear Samaritans pray,
“No more death.”
Welcome outsiders.
May water, shade and food
be the prayers
we offer.



Age of Anxiety


Terror and fear
flow across the Earth.
In Mississippi
an eleven-year-old girl
cries out through tears,
“My dad is not a criminal.”

Meanwhile at the border
of Mexico and America,
people are dying
on their journey for freedom,
from lack of food,
water and shelter.

These brown-skin people
are kept in the dark
like mushrooms, covered in lies.
For their broken hearts, we pray,
“Heal what is broken,
make us one again.”



Thomas Among the Trees


We gathered among the trees,
embraced by the land
where Thomas Berry dwelled.
Here with the meadow, butterflies and daisies
is where he found his voice.

For more than forty years
he studied, read and taught
about the beauty of the Earth and the danger ahead,
a foreboding he felt
about what will befall our sacred home.

A wise and friendly man, ablaze with words and surprise,
thank you! You said that when you died
you were not going anywhere.
But you were not correct.
You are among us now, here among the trees.



Rage, Sorrow and Prayer


It happened again.
And again!
Lives lost,
empty rage,
broken hearts.

A wounded world,
a land of sorrow
left behind.

Pray with your feet,
I hear the people say.
Lift up your hearts.
Put down your guns.

Let peace reign today,
yes, may peace reign today!





Extinguish and loss
hover in my heart,
flash upon the silver screen
on this horrific day.

A girl of thirteen, a boy of six,
lives extinguished and lost
on this festive Gilroy, California,
summer day.

Imagine, my friends,
the fragility of life,
embraced, held captive
and extinguished today.



The Streets of Berkeley


I walk along the streets of Berkeley,
a city with a proud and progressive past,
a place where movements were born
that flowed across the land.

Here on Telegraph Avenue,.
where the free speech anthem was sung,
on a street corner today, I see
a mother and child begging for food

A Vietnam vet is shouting for peace,
with no one listening,
here in this place of unaffordable rents,
expensive food and lonely people.



For the People


Whatever happened to “by the people, for the people”?

Due to eco-apartheid, the wealthy can afford clean water, healthy food and moderate temperatures.

The poor and neglected sink into oppressive heat; they face failed harvests, arid fields and shattered hopes.

Through the vast heart of difference, we must awaken to beauty manifest in and through race, gender, culture and creed. Yes, we are all precious in God’s sight.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., proclaimed, people must be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Let us join hands and hearts and pray that each new day will make possible a more equitable world, flourishing with generous harvests, reversing climate change, reinvigorating our common home.