1725 Oxford Street, Apt. # 106

Berkeley, CA 94709

Phone: 510-843-8098


Professional Experience:

2016–present: Staff, Springbank Retreat for Ecology and the Arts, Kingstree, SC

2015: Adjunct faculty, School of Applied Theology, Berkeley, CA

2009–present:  Adjunct faculty, The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH

2009–2015: Director and professor of spirituality, Holy Names University, Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality: A Wisdom School Celebrating Earth, Art and Spirit, Oakland, CA

2009: Adjunct faculty, Graduate Theological Union, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, School of Applied Theology, Berkeley, CA

1997–2011: Co-founder of Brothers of Earth, Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality, and Spirit Earth, La Grange, IL

1996–2014: Coordinator and presenter, Summer Institute in Culture and Spirituality, Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

1996–2009: Director and associate professor, Holy Names University, Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality, Oakland, CA

1991–1996: Director and associate professor, Holy Names University, Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality, Oakland, CA

1984–1991: Program director and associate professor, Holy Names University, Institute in Culture and Creation, Oakland, CA

1977–1984: Assistant director of Toronto School of Theology for Field Education and Pastoral Training, Toronto

1977–1984: Faculty, Department of Pastoral Theology, Toronto School of Theology, Toronto

1977–1984: Community representative, Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto

1977–1984: Adjunct faculty, York University/Toronto

1972–1982: Canadian liaison, to Board of Directors, Catholic Committee on Urban Ministry, Notre Dame University, Southbend, IN

1972–1982: Coordinator, Institute for Christian Life in Canada, Toronto

1972–1976: Founder and director, Institute for Communities in Canada, Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Rexdale, Ontario

Additional Experience:

  • Conducted workshops, conferences, lectures, and retreats in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand
  • Prepared book reviews, articles, and interviews for periodicals, publications, and broadcast media

Awards and Service:

Thomas Berry Award, 2013

Alumni Award for outstanding Service and dedication to Holy Names University and Students, 2008

Chair, Faculty Senate, Holy Names University, 2004–2005

Chair, Faculty Welfare Committee, Holy Names University, 2002–2004

Vice chair, Faculty Senate, Holy Names University, 2002–2004

Secretary, the Canadian Association for Pastoral Education 1981–1983

Founding member of Catholic New Times, Toronto, 1975

Priest of the Diocese of London Canada

Books and Publications:

Conlon, James. Becoming Planetary People: Celebrations of Earth, Art and Spirit. NJ: Trowbridge & Tintera, 2016.

Conlon, James. Sacred Butterflies: Poems, Prayers and Practices. Lima, OH: Wyndham Hall, 2013.

Conlon, James. Beauty, Wonder and Belonging: A Book of Hours for the Monastery of the Cosmos. Lima, OH: Wyndham Hall, 2009, 2013.

Conlon, James. Invisible Excursions: A Compass for the Journey. Lima, OH: Wyndham Hall, 2012.

Conlon, James. From the Stars to the Street: Engaged Wisdom for a Brokenhearted World.Toronto, CA: Novalis, 2007.

Conlon, James. At the Edge of Our Longing: Unspoken Hunger for Sacredness and Depth.Toronto, CA: Novalis, 2004.

Conlon, James. The Sacred Impulse: A Planetary Spirituality of Heart and Fire. New York, NY: Crossroad, 2000.

Conlon, James. Pondering from the Precipice: Soulwork for a New Millennium. Notre Dame, IN: Forest of Peace Publishing, 1998.

Conlon, James. Lyrics for Recreation: Language for the Music of the Universe. New York, NY: Continuum, 1997.

Conlon, James. Earth Story, Sacred Story. Mystic, CT: Twenty-Third Publications, 1994.

Conlon, James. Geo-Justice: A Preferential Option for the Earth. Winfield, BC: Wood Lake Books, 1990.

Media Presentations:

Abercrombie, Sharon. Director of Cosmological Sophia Center Leaves Behind 'Seed-Bearers of a New Planetary Civilization.' National Catholic Reporter, July 14, 2015. Available at http://ncronline.org/blogs/eco-catholic/director-cosmological-sophia-center-leaves-behind-seed-bearers-new-planetary

Interview on “On the Go,” Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Newfoundland, Canada, October 2009.

“Engaged Wisdom: Strength for the Work of Seeking Justice,” podcast on National Catholic Reporter, August 27, 2009.

Part 1: http://ncronline.org/news/engaged-wisdom-strength-work-seeking-justice-part-1

Part 2: http://ncronline.org/news/engaged-wisdom-strength-work-seeking-justice-part-2

Interview, Compassion Network, Mendocino Environmental Center & City of 10,000 Buddhas, KMEC, FM 105.1, 2008.

“From the Stars to the Street: Wisdom for a Broken Hearted World,” Call to Action (CTA 625), Milwaukee, WI, 2006.

“Imagining What it Means to Be Human,” Cosmological Imagination Conference: Transforming World Views for a Planetary Era, California Institute for Integral Studies, Berkeley, CA, 2002.

Interview, “The Role of Spirit in Healing with Jim Conlon,”2002. Available at http://www.doctorsaputo.com/a/the-role-of-spirit-in-healing-with-jim-conlon.

CD/DVD/Cassette Recordings:

Celebration of Earth, Art & Spirit (2013)

Sacred Butterflies – Poems and Practices (2013)

Empowerment Project US (2012-2014)

Invisible Excursions (2012)

Invisible Excursions: Stories of Cosmos, Society and US (2011)

Moments of Grace: Times of Transformation (2010)

The Viable Human (2009)

Thomas Berry: Deep Cultural Therapist (2008)

Mystery and Fulfillment (2007)

Become One Again (2006)

Hope for the Children (2005)

From the Stars to the Street, Toward a Mystical and Engaged Cosmology (2004)

Seeking a True Meaning of Peace (2003)

Unspoken Hunger: The Cosmic Quest for Sacredness and Depth (2002)

Toward a Mystical Cosmology of Action and Contemplation (2001)

The Only Seamless Garment (1999)

Seeds of Fire, Well Springs of Hope (n.d.)


Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH

Doctor of Philosophy, Social Science

Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA

Doctor of Philosophy, Culture and Spirituality

Assumption University of Windsor (University of Windsor), Windsor, Canada

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

St. Peters Seminary, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Bachelor of Sacred Theology

Additional Education:

Genesis Farm, Exploring the Sacred Universe, Blairstown, NJ

Stan and Christina Grof, Spiritual Emergence Network, Esalen, CA

Institute for Cultural Action, with Paulo Freire, Toronto/New York, NY

Industrial Areas Foundation, Saul Alinsky Training Institute, Chicago, IL

Certificate in Urban Ministry and Community Development, Urban Training Center for Christian Mission, Chicago, IL

Canadian Urban Training, Project for Christian Service, Toronto

Center for Communication Therapy, Toronto

Work Scholar at Esalen Institute in the Spiritual Emergence Institute with Dr. Stan and Christina Grof