Earth, air, fire and water
flow within
and all around me.
Ancient one,
great spirit of creation,
may your wisdom
and your breath
flow around and through me.

Spirit ancestors,
with your healing presence,
blow where you will,
renew our souls,
transform our sacred home,
that we may rest
in your embrace,
in the softness of your arms.

May on this day
all things be healed.
May all be one again.
Great spirit,
dissolve all twoness,
heal all distance
that dares to separate each one
from the warmth of sacred oneness.

May each grandfather stone
sing to us an opera,
heal our broken hearts,
send a nourishing gift
to all who pray and wait.
Become attentive to our hearts.
Make us one again
at this turning point today.

Now, in autumn 2019,
we awaken to a new moment,
a new time,
a time to end all twoness,
a time to be delivered,
a time of freedom,
when all God’s children
will be set free.