We have arrived at the defining moment Christians call Easter. These days, not only do we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth; we also remember and give thanks for this new moment in human/Earth history. We celebrate the emergence of the cosmic Christ, whose presence and creativity infuse a divine presence into every resurrection moment. At the same time, we celebrate that it is spring again, and we are grateful for each blade of grass, for each wheat field, and for each creature of creation that gives life to its offspring and cares for its young.

As new life and beauty triumph over the darkened days of winter, we welcome the fresh energy that rises across the land and expresses hope-filled anticipation. With joyful salutations, we welcome the wonders of the empty tomb, signified by the struggles and everyday experiences of loss, pain, and discouragement.

Together this day, despite the inevitable experience of Gethsemane moments, we dare to proclaim our alleluias to the world. Despite our disappointment and pain, we reclaim the image of the empty tomb.

Today, despite good Friday, we stand up as planetary people to protest the cosmic crucifixions in Syria and Iraq, the gun madness in the halls of learning, the loss of precious dreams and lives laid waste on the battlefields racial strife, economic imbalance, and the lack of gender justice.

Today, I ponder the Paschal mystery of the life, death, and resurrection of the historical Jesus and the coming of the cosmic Christ.

At this profound moment, I recall the prophetic journey of the soon-to-be-canonized Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador and his courageous proclamation to his people: “If they kill me, I will rise in the people of El Salvador.” His words are powerful and true. When I visited there every classroom, clinic, chapel, and home was adorned with the picture of this prophetic martyr of the people.

Inspired by Saint Oscar and others, I raise my voice and say on behalf of our endangered planet and all planetary people: “I will rise. I will rise in this era of violence and unrest to welcome the dawn of a new day.”

It will be a day of empty tombs, a time when this dark night will not have the last word. Rather it will be a time that welcomes the dawn of a new tomorrow, a time when wen joyful alleluias will echo across the land, as all planetary people proclaim, “It is Easter again, a time when all people and all of God’s creatures sing Easter alleluias with full hearts.”