I join the people of Parkland, Florida, as they mourn the loss of precious lives taken from their families and friends by the misguided, violent rage of a young man.

I share the tragic moment of a heartbroken mother who is asked to pick out a dress for her daughter’s funeral. Now she will never look forward to the day when she and her daughter pick out a wedding dress.

The students cry in one voice, “Enough!” Enough killing. Enough pain. Enough sorrow and loss. As they mobilize to march on Washington, their voices are heard around America.

"Never again,” I hear them say. How long must we weep over the stolen lives of our people because of the cultural pathology of gun violence in this country?

This plea for peace follows me into my sleep. In a dream, I met someone who was important in my life, but from whom I became estranged. However, in the dream, we reconcile. Forgiveness is granted, and gifts are given and received. It is truly a peacemakers’ dream.

The next morning, I feel moved all the more strongly to join with the hearts and minds of the youth of America, to listen to their courageous voices calling us to be a people of peace.


photo: Evan Vucci/AP