Invisible Excursions (Wyndham Hall 2012) draws on a lifetime of study, including more than 25 years mentoring students in creation spirituality, Conlon divides the evolution of culture and theology over the past decades into seven epochs. As each epoch unfolds, Conlon traces what he coins “invisible excursions” —experiences that touch all of us at a deep level, and that over time allow new understandings to germinate within us and lead us into uncharted territory.


Jim Conlon discusses the evolution of culture and theology over the past decades, which he has organized into a series of seven epochs. Simultaneously, he traces what he terms invisible excursions that is, experiences that touch all of us at a deep level, and that over time allow new understandings to germinate within us and lead us into uncharted territory. Invisible Excursions is part memoir and part cosmological commentary. In it, Conlon interweaves the following stories and themes. (1) He recounts elements of his own personal narrative, beginning with his childhood in a village on the shores of the St. Clair River in Southwestern Ontario, through his years in seminary, and into the present. (2) He traces how critical events (e.g., Vatican Council II, war, politics and social unrest, arts and the popular culture) have shaped the times and can be seen to define specific epochs that both influence and reflect the spiritual journey of the people at that juncture in history. (3) He discusses the contributions of those who provide the basis for a rich and viable alternative to traditional theology, including three great figures whom he counts among his most significant mentors: Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, and Matthew Fox. He explains the principles of creation spirituality, the universe story, and the great work of our times, and in so doing, merges the perspectives of theology, social justice, ecology, and community organization. (4) Finally, last but not least, he narrates the story of the Sophia Center, including its genesis and how it can serve as a model and inspiration for those emerging as a counter force, giving life to a holistic spirituality not based on reactionary, fundamentalist conformity, but rather on the vision of a new global civilization that both fulfills our human destiny and responds to the needs of the earth.

Invisible Excursions is a book about following in love in which the sojourner is rendered naked, vulnerable and fully alive … The excursion Jim is calling out for us to take is an imaginative journey, leaving the status quo behind as we learn to speak the language of the soul expressing itself as wisdom and to heal the earth by proclaiming the essential goodness of all that is … Jim reminds us that we are one, we all come from Africa and it is through the universal relatedness that compassion is possible
— Patrick Powers, Summer Institute student
I am awed by James Conlon’s ability to lead the reader succinctly and poetically through the vast journey of change that has shaped a new vision for our day. Invisible Excursions evokes hope and offers inspiring insight at a time when much has gone awry in both church and society. I found in these pages renewed motivation to believe in achievable harmony and energizing peace among all that exists. A truly encouraging book!
— Joyce Rupp, author of Praying Our Goodbyes, The Cup of Our Life, and Open the Door
Invisible Excursions awakens memories, acknowledges struggles, reinforces hope, culminating in a joyful and inspiring journey.
— Diarmuid O’Murchu, Sacred Heart Missionary Order