The New Book


On-sale October 30, 2018

$14.95 paperback, 208

Fans of Luci Shaw, Mary Oliver, Thomas Moore, Joyce Rupp, and Richard Rohr will delight in this latest volume of poetry and prose reflections from eco-spirituality luminary, Jim Conlon.

Filled with dozens of new poems with such titles as "A Sabbath for the Soul, " "A Mysterious Invitation," and "Bethlehem Must Happen," At the Edge of Wonder gently helps us pursue fresh moments of solitude and grace.

In Wondering Between Two Worlds, Conlon invited us to explore the fault lines in our psyches. At the Edge of Wonder continues the journey, al-lowing our imaginations to soar and to embrace the beauty of creation, even amidst the poverty and devastation that reside across the world these days.


Jim Conlon, as usual, gives us here much to think and pray about. His poetry and meditations keep us close to Earth, and in doing so, provide fresh and wide-open avenues to the encounter with God.
— John F. Haught, author The New Cosmic Story: Inside Our Awakening Universe (Yale Univ. Press, 2017)
At the Edge of Wonder offers the reader a poetic feast for the soul. A deep and expansive cache of wisdom. Gentle yet strong, both comforting and challenging. A book to awaken hope and strengthen action for good amid our troubled world.
— Joyce Rupp, author of numerous bestselling books, spiritual midwife, retreat leader
Jim Conlon has gifted us over the years with his deep sensitivity to the movements of divine love in the dynamic flow of life. In these beautiful poems and meditations, he leads us into the flow of divine creative love hovering on the edge of the soul, the edge of the heart, the edge of the universe. On the edge of chaos, life is born over and over again. This is the Good News: in a world that seems to be falling apart, living on the edge of chaos means living in the heart of divine love.
— Ilia Delio, OSF, Villanova University